Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Go, Granny, Go!

I finished up my 9th pair of Mittnz last night. They were my upstairs project! Another pair of Mittnz has been cast on.

Worked on my Presto Chango sweater yesterday. I realized it was too narrow (so much for gauge swatches). So froggy came to visit and I've CO back on and am as far today as I was yesterday. (It's kinda like daylight saving time...somehow you just loose a bunch of time!) I'm still happy with it, tho, and will keep working on it. Oh yeah, I just remembered that once I got the right number of sts for the CO, and started knitting, had about 4 or 5 inches done and noticed a dropped stitch about two inches back. To complicated for me to fix it with the stitch pattern and all, so frogged that back and still got to where I started out the day knitting! What a sense of accomplishment.....

Today I'm serious about getting my rotation going. I've got two pair of socks to work on, Presto Chango and I need to CO another pair of Mittnz. So, I'm going to come up with some method today of rotating working on these projects so I get some sense of moving forward.

Iris is complaining of frost, and it was in the 90s here yesterday. But it's going to cool off to the low 80s today!

Men don't care what's on TV. They only care what else is on TV.--Jerry Seinfeld

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  1. Well, we're swimming in the same frog pond! I noticed several mistakes 6 rows down on the cuff of my socks so that just wouldn't do. Swatches???? What's that??? I hate doing swatches. Hope you are having a better knitting day!


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