Friday, March 21, 2008

The Magic's Back!

I finally got a good start that yielded some decent results! I didn't have free wooden needles to work the sock as I wanted to, so I decided to double up, use two strands and my trusty #3 Boyes.
Susan, at Dog-Lover's Yarn shared a pattern she'd written with a heel that extended the Eye of Partridge stitch down the turn and onto the bottom of the heel. I only utilized it through the turn, but it's something to consider for those that create holes on the bottom of their heels. When Susan shared the pattern, she put the usual disclaimer on the bottom: Please do not distribute or sell pattern or items made from it without my prior permission. Some indignant knitter on Knitlist decided Susan had no right to restrict people because all she did was combine some generic sock knitting elements together to create a pattern. Duh! Isn't that what many, many, many patterns are?

This indignant writer said, "As I said, it was nice of Susan to post a pattern, but I am not planning on checking with her if I want to sell a pair of socks with these
elements in it."

I wrote to Susan with this included in my e-mail: What she failed to notice is there is nothing really new under the knitting sun. Everybody is just doing a variation of something someone else has already done. Imagine if we'd had the internet when Barbara Walker published all her books. Some tactless person would complain that she'd already done those patterns and who did BW think she was compiling them all in a book and getting credit and money for them.....

I think the indignant knitter was just miffed cuz Susan wrote it all down in a nice easy to follow concise way!

Life has been pretty uneventful since I got home. In fact, other than going out for Chinese Tuesday night, I've pretty much stayed in the house. It's been nice. However, that changes today. We need to go shopping for a washing machine. First stop is the local scratch and dent store.

Karen, at The Knitting Patch shared this cartoon from Texas Tech.

I snagged this pic from the RaineySisters blog. Is it not the funniest? BTW, if you have not experienced the Rainey sisters, go check them out. Great knitting, great stories.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the sock heel technique! I am one who wears holes in my heels so I do not usually knit socks for myself. I will give this new version a try an maybe I'll just knit a few socks for myself someday :)
    Love the cartoon and pics today - Thanks Lizzie!


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