Thursday, March 20, 2008

I can't knit....

See how happy he looks with his knitting....

I haven't had so much trouble with a yarn since I don't know when! But I think I finally figured out what it is. Oh, "the yarn" is the Tinkerbelle sock yarn. It's just a regular Merino/Nylon blend that "everybody" uses. Hand it on Etsy....

Ya know how commercial yarns are a bit stiff when you get them. They have some kind of sizing/stuff in them that gives them body while you're knitting. It's what everyone complains about and then everyone else says, "Wait till you wash it and it'll bloom and be nice and soft." Well, knitting socks with yarn without sizing is like battling wet noodles coated with olive oil. It slips and slides and doesn't pay attention. Of course I like metal needles, so that even makes it worse.

I spent all day yesterday knitting and reknitting the first sock. I knit the heel flap twice and turned the heel at least four times. It looked yuk. I miscounted. It still didn't feel right.

So now I have 3/4 inch of ribbing and I'm gonna frog that, too, start over on smaller wooden needles and conquer this damn sock if it kills me. Inside I yearn to knit with ww. Nice big needles, thick yarn that cooperates!

One success I did have was fulling a sweater. 3rd Son still needs some extra wool between his feet and the rubber boots. I had found a sweater at the local resale store before I went to TN that I intended on frogging for yarn. But, instead I took off the sleeves and undid the side seams and fulled it. Now I'll send it on to him to cut down and make pads for his boots.

Oh, and in the course of the fulling, the washing machine finally bit the dust. It won't drain or spin now. :::heavy sigh::: I'm sure it's not worth the cost of fixing (is anything these days?). Why is that? Generally it's a better use of money to buy new than fix up. I guess the pride in making something that lasts is outdone by the carefully planned expiration of any major purchase in order to keep one buying a new _____________ every three to five years. I remember once commenting in front of my mother (many years ago) that I couldn't imagine buying a vacuum cleaner when one got married and keeping it till the family was grown and gone (which is how long my mother's Singer upright lasted). Her answer was because I let my kids destroy my stuff. That would be my three kids, under the age of 6 who really used my vacuum alot! I knew even 25 years ago that they just didn't make 'em like they used to.

While in Gatlinsburg we stayed in a nice little log cabin up away from the city. It was quiet. Very quiet. It was small, but very efficient use of space. And we had a resident, almost completely tame peacock. He'd work for food, so 3rd Son gave him bits of our bagels and he posed delightfully. Although it looks very small, it did have a basement which had two rooms and a full bath as well as an outside porch. The upstairs had a bedroom, full bath, full kitchen and living area. A large porch outside the kitchen had a grill, table and chairs as well as a hot tub. Oh, and a washer and dryer, too. I could easily live happily in just the upstairs except for storage of yarn and such! So the bottom story would be necessary for that!

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  1. Yes, the man does look happy. I would be content to have a male friend, my age, who likes to knit and is not afraid of his ego. As for the's darling. I'd like to hibernate to a cabin like that and only occasionally come out to buy yarn.


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