Saturday, March 22, 2008

One Half of a Pair...

I finished up the first of the Tinkerbelle socks last night while watching Becoming Jane. I'd like to say the movie was outstanding, but..... I have CO the second sock and am only five rounds from beginning the heel flap.

It's the start of a new project over at Native American Support. Ann at Sheep Shots has challenged us to make 8 pairs of hand warmers: Gloves, mittens, mitts, armwarmers, wristers....If they warm the hands, they put you in the running. Mailing date is the end of September. Surely you can make some, too, can't you? I think prizes may be involved, but don't hold me to it!

We bought a new washer yesterday at the local scratch and dent store. Got a really good deal on a nice simple washing machine. Although bells and whistles are great to play with, they add so much to the cost and to repairs. Me? I just need something to put the dirty stuff in and then later take out the clean stuff! They are supposed to deliver it today and take the old one away. How nice!

I was just thinking.... I have made it a practice to take my paperback knitting books and have them rebound with a spiral binding. Then the books stay open, fold back and are just more usable. Now I wish I'd been smart enough to include several blank pages of paper in the binding for notes, ideas, etc. I really hate mutilating books by taping, stapling, paperclipping or other wise adding pages, and abhor writing in books. However I do love to look through books that others have made notes in the margins and otherwise recreated the book into a personal piece of themselves. I just have too many grade school nuns in my head telling me, "Do not mar the books!" (Thanks so much, Sister Mary Discipline! NOT!) I wish I had a way to add the notes for the heel mentioned below as well as the one I shared yesterday without marring my books.

Today is the memorial service for the childhood friend of my kids. She passed away unexpectedly in her sleep at about 25 years of age shortly before I left on vacation. So hard when young people die.

Look at this variation of the Eye of Partridge heel. Isn't it pretty?


  1. You're so good about knitting for charity, Lizzie!!! The spiral bound book is a great idea. What type of a store do you go to do that? and the cost?

  2. You're a maestro, Lizzie! I would suggest, if you have more than one project, that you get your own spiral binding machine. Your run-of-the-mill copy store will do it for you, but they charge a ton for work that you could do better yourself.


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