Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Heel Flap

Pattern: Two Yarn Resoleable Socks from Favorite Socks. Okay, so I finished the instep, picked up the appropriate number of sts around and am working on the heel flap. Don't thing there is anyway I'll be able to finish this sock before I leave, so it'll get packed and perhaps I'll find time to work on it while I'm gone.

Now that the Heet the Feet challenge is done (and between all the members of Native American Support we sent out over 700 pairs of feet warmers) the next challenge is Mittenz! We can start knitting them now, and send them on in October. I think I'll gather up some left overs and put together a mitten kit to take on the plane with me. They are easy enough, don't really need a pattern and well...off we go. I've already purchased two pairs of Magic Gloves to pair up with knitted fingerless gloves, too. Making some stripped mittens would help me practice some different jogless jogs techniques.

Today is pedicure day. Off to get pretty toes on the off chance I won't need to wear socks while visiting my son and his family. Pretty damp and cold there, though!

We live in an apartment complex...or a row of town homes is more accurate I guess. We've never had neighbors directly to the east of us, and haven't had neighbors directly to the west for about 10 months. That all changed over the weekend. The easterly neighbors are nice and calm. But the westerlies have been booming their music. Now, it actually isn't that loud, but the bass is cranked up and the reverberating boom boom boom comes right through the concrete brick walls. Sunday night I couldn't get to sleep despite sleeping pills. I finally had to turn my fan on and crank up my TV to cover the sound of the boom boom boom. Yesterday, I couldn't hear my book in my headphones and we couldn't hear the TV comfortably. So I have some recordings of drum and bagpipe music. Acting very childishly, I cranked 'em way up right next to their walls. For five minutes.

I think it worked. No noise last night.... I hope it worked. Yes, I think they have the right to play their music, and yes, I think I have the right to not be driven crazy by cranked up bass. Yes, I understand it's going to come through the walls to some degree.... But, maybe we've come to an agreement on it now.

My Second Son called me with bad news last night. A young friend in her early 20s died sometime Saturday night. Went to bed on Saturday and when her mom went to wake her up....she was gone. Mom is a nurse and couldn't resuscitate. The young lady was not a drug user so there is no apparent cause of death. Makes one sad. This is the second young person that my kids grew up with that has died. One just never expects the young to go so soon. If you are the praying sort, send some kind thoughts to the family and friends of Holly Vickers.


  1. Bring lots of knitting with you on the plane! :>) Sorry to hear about noisy neighbors...I have the same problem at 2:30 in the morning. Prayers to your son's young friend's family on their loss. So sad!

  2. Oh that is very sad. It truly is shocking to have the young folks pass like that.

    Have a wonderful visit! I hope you have a terrific time and get lots of knitting done.

    Oh, and good luck with the new neighbors!


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