Monday, March 3, 2008

Confetti Socks

I cast on the Two Yarn Resoleable Socks from Favorite Socks. I'm using the pattern from Roundabout Socks for the legs. Although this looks like a normal sock in this pic, with the heel flap started, that is actually the instep I'm knitting now. Once it's the proper length, then I'll start with the heel flap and sole. I may use a different yarn, just so it's apparent they were knit differently! So far, it's not hard, just different.

The yarns I'm using is a strand of KnitPicks I hand dyed with Kool-Aide and a strand of white yarn I bought on a cone from Knitivity-Lamb's Pride Nature Spun Sport. And I just realized it's not super wash. Oh well, I guess all the better I am knitting a "weird" sock with it so I remember not to throw it in the washer!

We went to the Renaissance Fair yesterday! What a nice time we had. It's the twentieth anniversary of our fair, and after calculating a bit realized we'd been going since it started! It was tiny back in the could walk around it in a couple hours. Now it takes all day and more if you want to go to all the shows! The only fiber people are a reenactment group (where I got that gonga of a deal on llama and alpaca last year) doing some spinning demos and selling some hand made stuff. Like most knitters selling their stuff, they were way underpriced: A man's pair of hand spun, hand knitted mittens for $20. So this little guy is the closest thing to yarn I could find to take a pic of. :)


  1. Awwww!

    Cool socks. Can't wait to see the soles.

  2. Love the socks. The color gives me hope for spring. Those mittens were cheap. Last craft show I went to they sold for $60.

  3. Unless you are in a big city with rich folks you cannot get a fair price for your hand knit items. Most people don't know the amount of time and energy goes into the items especially when they can go to Walmart and buy it for 5 bucks. I'm interested in seeing the finished sock. Keep knitting. Renate

  4. The lamb is soooo cute! I love your confetti socks. I still don't have that book and may put it on my Amazon wishlist for my birthday!


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