Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Making Decisions

I didn't work on the Two Yarn Resoleable's yesterday--more on that later. I did, however, CO another pair of baby socks (one strand purple sock yarn and one strand Tofutsies). I CO on 36 sts on these instead of the 32 on the last one. This one is on a piece of waste yarn until I get to TN and can try them on Lucas. The second one is in the midst of the gusset. I'm hoping there isn't too much pink in these so they pass inspection. I'm sure my son won't have an issue with them, but worry about his FIL. And I don't know if it'll dye darker as the pink is left over Tofutsies -- well maybe it will. The 50% wool will, But don't know if the Soysilk and Chitin will. They should as both are a protein or at least some protein in the soy.... I guess if there is too much pink we'll find out!

I think I'm going to frog the Two Yarn Resoleables. They aren't fun to make with four needles poking around and I can't seem to figure out how to remove the holes at the gussets. Nor am I getting the right stitch count. I'm not signing off on them forever, just not with this yarn at this time. Fortunately, I can use the leg for another pair of "regular" socks, so not all is lost. They are just one of those projects that would end up hidden somewhere and causing guilt!

Well, today is packing day. I need to go to the storage shed and get out my suitcase, bring it home and get everything ready to go. My plane leaves around 9:30 am tomorrow morning arriving in TN (after a 90 minute layover in Dallas-Ft Worth) around 3:30 pm. A total of 5 hours and 4o some minutes from AZ to TN. Could get a lot of knitting done! I've packed up a bunch of left over sock yarn to knit either baby socks or start knitting Mittenz for the next challenge!

As far as I know, I have internet access at my son's house, so I should be checking in here as usual!


  1. How exciting that departure day for Tennessee is almost here. Lizzie, to avoid those holes, you can switch the last stitch from one needle with the first stitch of the next for that row only. Have fun with family!

  2. Sounds like you might see some snow while your in Tenn. We are suppose to get some here (Al.) also.


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