Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Monday is still a Monday

I snagged this from Robyn's blog! Funniest reference to Easter I've read so far this morning!

The Rainey Sisters contributed this one, which is a close runner up!

Finished up the socks yesterday. Washed, blocked and going to work today! They fit perfectly! For all the trouble they started out to be. Oh, and when all was finished I had about two feet of yarn left over. Talk about sweating it down to the last Kitchener stitch! - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

I worked on some of my mittens last night while watching John Adams on HBO. That is really a great series and, I think, far more realistic about colonial life than many are. David Morse makes a great George Washington!

Anway, I finished one mitten and frogged another. CO a muffatee. So currently I have 2 pair thumbless mittens and about 25% of a muffatee. Plans for the day is to knit four thumbs and probably CO another pair.

Easter was pretty uneventful for us. Pork chops, couscous and green beans for dinner with the Easter Bunny providing the dessert. 3rd Son called to send greetings of the day. All is well there in TN.

Oldest Granddaughter is sick on her first day back at school after Spring Break. Youngest Daughter thought it was too much candy, but seeing it's continuing, I'm guess some kind of flu. Are we all loosing our immune systems or is there some really, really, mutant flu bugs?

Cali suggested I invest in a binding machine to do my own spiral bindings on my knitting books. In my lifetime, I would never buy enough books (approximately 40) to make it worth the amount of money one of the machines would cost, and secondly, it really isn't that expensive. With two clear sheets of plastic included in the binding, I think, a Kinko's, it cost me about $7.00. $5 if I don't have the plastic sheets..... I can see where the binding machine would be a good investment if one bought lots of paperback knitting books, but.... All my knitting books together take up less than a foot of space on a bookshelf.

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