Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here's the results of my Monday Mittnz Milieu:
One muffate

Two pair of mittnz made from two strands of sock yarn, CO 28 sts.

I also have a half of muffatee in my upstairs knitting basket.

Today's plan is for F to come over to trim the citrus trees again. They grew so much after the last pruning we just have to do it again. Seriously, though, one branch is so low to the door that when it's weighed down with fruit, if one isn't careful, the lemons bang the head when walking out the door. We still have lots of fruit on the trees above and beyond our grasp and the blossoms have already come out for the next years fruit!

Nothing major on the agenda for knitting today. I still have the second Confetti sock to do, but that requires a little concentration and quiet time which is at a premium these days. Guess it's time to do an evaluation on what I have going on and what I "need" to work on.


  1. Love the reds and yellows combinations! Great looking mittenz!

  2. Love the fingerless mitts. Are they for you? Colors are great!


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