Friday, February 8, 2008

Squeeky Wheel....

After reading Amy's blog for a very long time, now, and admiring all the wonderful cards she makes for her family, I whined that I wanted one. I got one! And as usual with Amy's cards, this one is very much me. When I joined the Air Force way back in '74, I was stationed at Davis-Monthan AFB, Tucson, AZ. I'd never been to a desert in my life. Culture shock. In 1979, after being married, had a child, I got orders for Anchorage, AK. So my little family and I headed North to Alaska. Three years later we headed for Texas. That was really culture shock. I'd never lived in the south. I grew up as a damn Yankee. I didn't even know that half the population (or more) of the United States went to church regularly on Wednesday nights!

After 18 months in Texas, due to my dad's health, we got a humanitarian reassignment back to the desert in 1983. And have been here ever since. I so totally understand the coyote in Amy's card! Thank You, Amy! You've told the story of much of my adult life in that picture! (BTW, the colors are much brighter on the original!)

Yesterday was a spinning day. Finished another bump of the Rambouilette. Three more to go. This will be wound off the bobbin, washed and blocked today.

We brushed the dog yesterday, my Youngest Son and I. Soooo much fluff. YS asked if I was going to save it and spin it. Which reminded me of the huge ball of spun dog I already had! The answer to him, btw, was, "No." I have enough to spin, and I don't anticipate the source of dog fluff to disappear any time soon.

Well, while reading blogs today, I read with joy, Allison's SpinDyeKnit blog. Allison's blog is so restful and comfortable to read. Like a cup of tea and a deep breath. She has a few free patterns on her blog, all with a story of how the design came about. I saw the Rabbit Tracks scarf and immediately thought of the spun dog fluff I have.... What a great long term project..... So, I may just have a new project to CO. It'll definitely be long term as lace and I are not very good friends and I can only take it in short doses. This is a very easy pattern so perhaps...

This is just way too cool. Each panel of animation is knitted and there are over 700 of them. Watch to the very end, and you can see the numbers in the bottom center of the panel. The group is Tricot Machine. (F, turn the sound off and just watch the pictures. It's in French.)


  1. The card is beautiful and Amy truly is a good friend with a big heart. Lucky you!!!!

  2. I'm glad the card got there okay and that you like it! I just went into my room to start making it, started stamping, and thought of you. It all kind of came from my subconscious, I guess. ;)

    How cool that you'll make Alison's Rabbit Tracks from your own spun yarn. I will look forward to seeing that project develop. You're doing a great job with the spinning, by the way.

  3. Interesting card and even more interesting to read about your life.

    We have a large population of coyotes here in SW Michigan. It's chilling when they howl at night. I know people who have hit a coyote with their car in Kalamazoo, so it's not just us in the country.

    When knitting toddler sweaters for CIC I sometimes follow the pattern exactly. When knitting for myself it never happens. At the very minimum I alter the pattern enough so it fits my measurements. Isn't that one of the goals of making one's own sweaters?

    Thanks for visiting Stitches of Violet and leaving a comment. This is the first time I've visited your blog, but I'll be back to read more.

    Hope all your grandbabies are back to good health soon.

  4. Cool! I hope the patterns works out well for you. I find these days I tend to cast on with two extra stitches and put one to each edge, to firm up the sides a bit.

  5. Hi Lizzie, I loved the song. thanks for sharing. 6 years of French in school and I don't understand one word, but the tune was delightful. Also like your socks. What yarn are you using? Have a good week. Renate


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