Thursday, February 7, 2008

Knitting, Technology and all that stuff

I got a lot of work done on my sock yesterday. Heel flap, turned the heel and am starting down the foot. Amy and I had a discussion about the time it takes to continue knitting the pattern down the foot. I don't wear shoes, but wear Crocks and Birks. So the pattern is covered up after a couple inches. So, no need to continue knitting in pattern. Amy's shoes are a little lower cut than mine, so she likes to look at the pattern all the way down.

I do think that when blocked, socks without the continued pattern look a little "unfinished." But, on the foot..... Because I can't make up my mind, I've continued the pattern on down the instep for at least awhile!

Wow, it's amazing how easily we get addicted to the ease of technology. When I was growing up the decadence of owning more than one TV, stereo, etc., was just unheard of. We learned to share. Now we all have our own TVs, VCRs, DVD players. That's five TVs, three DVD players, two VCRs plus Youngest Son's game systems that also fill in as DVD players. We have two computers in our house. Instead of sitting down after dinner to watch whatever the dominant person in the house wants to watch, we all head to our bedrooms to watch what we want. Now lest you lament the end of the American Family, remember that every person that lives in this house is on the Autistic Spectrum. We all need "down time" to just regroup from having to interact with each other and whatever stray individual we may come in contact with out there in the "real" world. It works for us. Honestly.

Remember when we were amazed by VCRs. That we could watch Gone With the Wind whenever we wanted to? Now they are way too slow and we want DVDs of everything.

I was tickled when I discovered books on cassette tapes. WOW! I could _____________ and "read" a book at the same time. Then books on CDs were so much easier. Now I have been introduced to an MP3 player. I can walk over to get the mail, do the dishes, fix dinner, clean the back yard, change the baby's diaper, feed the dog, all without having to interrupt my book. And for the last two days that's what I've been doing. As nice as the one I've borrowed is, it's too small to hold a whole book. So now I want a bigger (more memory) unit so I can have a whole book on it. Lest you completely throw your hands up in despair....I still do read the "old fashioned way." In fact, I'm reading two books right now and will be looking for another audio book as soon as I finish this post. BTW, I just finished listening to Watchers by Dean Koontz. I highly recommend it to anyone that likes dogs, likes a story that grabs you and won't put you down. It's really good. I'm reading Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts (downstairs book)and although I'm only in about 15 pages, I'm hooked. (Nothing new, I'm always hooked on Nora Roberts books.) I'm also reading Wicked Fix by Sarah Graves (upstairs book). Cozy mystery set in Maine. Great characters.

Oldest Granddaughter is back in school today. She's still coughing a little but her temperature is normal. I hope she really is better cuz it must have been one tough bug she was battling. First two days of higher than normal temp and then a day of lower than normal temp.

Knitting Iris had some great pics of Thrummed Mittens that she made. Which made me think, is there a pattern for Thrummed Slippers? Of course there is.... I have lots of unspun fiber, some of which is really ugly (I got it in dyeing swaps). Maybe something new to knit for winter birthdays and Christmas! And I get to learn a new technique.

If you have a job and you blog, beware! I suppose the same caveat is useful for those whose family members read their blog. Not that I think you may loose your family members, but I suspect it could make family reunions a bit uncomfortable. I'm lucky. I've given my blog URL to family members and if they do read it, they certainly don't comment. So my assumption is my family could give a good gosh darn.


  1. That sock is great fun! Cheerfulness on foot.

  2. The sock looks great! Interesting thoughts about how we've adjusted so completely to technology that didn't exist when we were younger... And speaking of only one tv, in those days there was no such thing as remote control, either! Which made watching TV with anyone with testosterone a much more acceptable experience.

  3. The sock is coming along very nicely. I love the idea of thrummed slippers, and I think they would make an outstanding gift!

  4. I'm so envious of all you accomplish, Lizzie. I'm trying to read "Pray, Love, and Eat"...or is it "Eat, Love and Pray"...or whatevery order you As for family members having access to our blogs, I'm not sure I'm happy that I allowed mine. They can know what is going on in my life and never comment or make me feel part of their life. They are engaging in "voyeaurism" (sp?)...oh, well, I suppose I can always block them, right!


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