Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I got quite a bit done yesterday. The heel flap is just about done...maybe one or two more rows. I have just about used up the yarn I had frogged, so am catching up at a good rate.

It was really a nice day off for me. Youngest Son and I did some grocery shopping and other wise I knitted and listened to a book up in my room. Right now it's Watchers by Dean Koontz. Really good and has captured my interest right from the start! I spent the entire day with my earphones on testing out the little mp3 player F lent me. The only drawback at this time is it doesn't hold a whole book, but I think it'll hold enough for my flight to TN next month. I heard rumors yesterday that my son in TN has his internet service back, so I can download another book for the journey home. And F has some books that actually fit on the player so I can also peruse his library for something to listen to.

Ran to the library to pick up a book I had on reserve: Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts. It's the first in a new trilogy: Sign of Seven. I like her trilogies. I'm partial to series books as I like to really get to know the characters. Then again, I like good writers, too, so do often read all the author's works. I did a paper in high school on James Michener's books to see if he had similar characters in his books. I read almost everything he wrote up to Caravans. My favorite was The Source which I read while I was in Israel in 1969. He also wrote Hawaii and Tales of the South Pacific which the musical South Pacific was based on.

Oldest Granddaughter's temperature seems to have moved back to normal, but it's hard to tell. Youngest Daughter gave her meds last night, so I don't know if it's a "real" normal or a drug induced normal. She has to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school, so we'll see what it is around noon today.


  1. Lizzie, just want to say I am one of those series readers too.
    Once I discover an author I like, I try to read all the books in the series, starting from the first one.
    And if they have written more, then I try to read all of their works starting from the beginning ones.
    Right now I am wading thru James Patterson, James Powlik and Mercedes Lackey - yes I can read 3 books at a time :)

  2. I hope your GD is truly on the mend and feeling 100% very soon!

    How cool that you read The Source while you were here. ;) I love Nora Roberts - I enjoyed Blood Brothers and am eagerly awaiting the next in the series.

    Your MM sock yarn is doing something cool there on the sleeve. Are you liking that? I know some people don't like flashing and pooling, but I think it often looks pretty neat.

  3. Like the socks. Is that pattern like the "feather and fan"?


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