Saturday, February 9, 2008

Masks and Chows

Eldest Granddaughter brought home her Friday folder of weekly accomplishments from school. They made masks for Mardi Gras this week. I'm really happy about how well she is adjusting to the new school and seems to feel good about it all, and the class feel good about her.

I got over six inches done on the scarf made from my dog's fluff. As I was working on it I kept wondering where the bits of color came from and then remembered I'd spun it with some wool I'd gotten in a swap. Hence the bits of orange and olive. I sure hope dog fluff blocks well, cuz this will have to be blocked. Had to use several pins to stretch it out enough to see the stitch pattern. Think the Rabbit Tracks can pass for Dog Tracks?

Hmmm I'm wondering about using something like glittergirl used in between stretches of Bunny Tracks on the scarf... What do you think?

I did a bit of spinning yesterday, giving myself a treat and working on more mohair. Knitting today has to be sock spiced up with scarf. Yet what I really want to do is sit down and read my Nora Roberts book, Seventh Son. She is a good story teller! I don't know if my book holder will hold a paperback well. Seems to me I remember it didn't work so well. It's too light weight to hold it's own with a strongly bound paperback.... And too wide to hold it. Hmmmmmm....

Necessity is the mother of invention:This is the little wire rack my printer sits on. The book fits nicely in the space and is At just the right distance for me to read while knitting. Turning pages will be a pain, but, hey....if everything was perfect what would have to bitch about???

If you've not seen Dot's blog, check it out. She's a fabric artist and always has something inspiring to share. It is the home of the becoming very famous, Dotee Dolls.

Farm-Witch has some endearing photos of a just born lamb.

Berocco has a new-to-me sock called Comfort Sock. It's 50% nylon and 50% acrylic. Anyone have any idea why the nylon is there? Don't need it for strength and durability like it's needed for wool sock yarns.... For those that saw, "EEEwh, acrylic socks!!" I have been wearing the socks I made from LionBrand MicroSpun and enjoy them. With that said, I haven't worn them at all when my feet would get overly warm and perspire.


  1. Love the way the chow scarf is turning out. Yep, they look close enough to dog paws to pretend they are.

    Can't imagine wearing acrylic/nylon socks. Just can't.

    Spring and Autumn I wear fingering weight sock yarn socks. Winter I wear worsted weight sock yarn socks, and summer I wear cotton store bought.

  2. The scarf is so pretty. Are those cables between the YO design? As for the Berrocco socks, is that the same pattern as the socks Amy just knitted. I love that pattern.

  3. love the rabbit tracks pattern! Can't wait to see it's progress

  4. She likes it! Hey Mikey! (There was this moment, of, hey, I've seen that pattern before!)


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