Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mohair and MP3s

Fiber work was a bit limited yesterday. I did some spinning in the morning...enough to wind off another skein of mohair. I now have a total of about 230 grams of it. And still quite a bit of it to spin. So, I might have enough for a shawl, depending on pattern and needle size.

After I dragged Youngest Son out of bed, we went looking again for finger puppets to make caps for my DPNS while they are in the midst of making a sock. Still no luck. But I did buy some Sculpey Eraser Clay. It's very similar to polymer clay like Sculpey or Fimo. But it's supposed to be good for erasers. I managed to create some passable tubes with a hole in the end for the elastic to fit into. Now I need to pick up the elastic for them. I'm thinking of getting the stretchy beading stuff.... Will let you know.

And I found these DP WIP tubes, which seem like a good idea, too, and are less expensive (cuz you get two sets for the price of one, and the telescope to fit the size of the needles) than the PVC pipe ones on etsy. So I was trying to think of a plastic tube that would be easier to cut than PVC pipe (which F says is a pain in the patoot to cut lengthwise) and remembered a hint from Heloise years ago to keep crochet hooks in the tubular toothbrush holders. So, I'm off to Target to find a toothbrush holder.

Speaking of Target, I took Youngest Son there so he could buy some Microsoft points to buy songs for Rock Band (video game) and decided to use my gift card to get a MP3 player that would be big enough to hold at least one whole book. I got one that will hold a couple books!

It is the Zen Stone Plus MP3 player. It's tiny, about 1.25 x 2 inches, 2 GB, and has a tiny display to see what track I'm on while listening. It's also an FM radio, has a stop watch, calender display, clock, apparently a microphone and will record. I haven't played with all the features yet. Youngest Son says that's better than the I-Pod shuffle which is $20 and 1GB bigger, but this one is adequate for my needs.

I'm thinking if I could attach the right jewelry findings, I could make this into a lapel pin to wear. I don't like things hanging on my neck (although this is pretty light so it might work that way, too).

Of course the ear buds were way too big, so I have to back and get some kind of earphone, smaller buds or something. All I have are the big nerdy earphones that are "so yesterday."

Knit Picks watch out! Elann has just released their inexpensive sock yarn. $2.30 x 2 + $3 (s&h)=$7.60 for a pair of socks. Knit Picks is $2.99 x 2 + $2.99 (s&h) = $8.97 for a pair of socks. Yeah, it's not much of a savings, but savings is savings. (Heck, if you were to go to the store and could save $1.37 on a pair of socks, it would be a great savings!) If you're able to order $50 at a time from Knit Picks, shipping is free and that's a much better deal.

Scroll down and look at the cute flip flop stitch markers on Robyn's blog.


  1. The sandals are cute, I know! I almost want to keep a pair for myself. (Though I do have plenty in stock!)

  2. Thanks for all the hints, Lizzie. It is so much fun to see what others are making. Great that you got that MP3..you deserve it.

  3. Ooh Lizzie I want an MP3 too. But first the glasses, the motor mounts for the second car, etc. etc. Lots of snow up here and yesterday morning it was -19 degrees F. I'm so glad when spring comes. Have a good time in Tennessee. Renate


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