Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Knitting Notions from Ace Hardware

I finally got all the supplies together to make some DPN point protector/hold the project type thingies. I've had no luck finding the cute finger puppets that other people have used, but I did have some rubber tips from good old Ace Hardware. I used clear elastic beading string in the thickest size I could find...1 mm I think. Using a hot needle I poked a hole in the top of each tip. Ran the string up through the tips into the beads and back down into the tops. Tied the ends and Voila!
This one, the tips are made from Sculpey Erasure Clay. I coated the ends of a wooden dowel with a very very light dusting of cornstarch, formed the clay around it, poked a hole in the ends and baked according to instructions. Used the same technique to put the elastic beading string using buttons on the end rather than beads.

F and I also bought supplies to make our own version of the DP WIP Tubes. Let you know if it works.

I came to the conclusion that I'm not really saving any money by buying the supplies and making these things, but the adventure to find out if I can is so much fun! I really enjoyed my time out shopping and wandering through Ace with F looking for knitting gadgets, thinking outside the box and bouncing ideas off each other. It is it's own creativity!

Had a scare yesterday. Remember that new MP3 player I got? When I turned it on yesterday it didn't turn on. The battery was completely dead. And I hadn't even used it! I was sick. Yeah, I knew I could take it back, but.... would the next one be the same? (Yes, I stress about everything.) Youngest Son the techno wizard, checked out, found a setting was wrong. It now holds a charge and works, too!

Knitting? Oh, you want to hear about knitting? Not much to say. I got about three more repeats done on my Waterloose Socks. I'm so happy that after knitting two socks with that pattern, the third is going relatively quickly with minimal frogging. :)

Been meaning to tell you I washed my Fibertrends Clogs that F made for me last year. I washed them a bit too much and they were too small to put on. So I stretched them and pulled them and finally forced them on my feet. Wore them for several hours wet to block. They are still too snug to wear with socks, but are stretching out some each day. I'm sure by the time I need to wash them again they'll be floppy big. Isn't wool neat?

Plan for today? Get as much done as I can on the socks. Need to get these out of the way. Time is getting short...not that many days till I leave to see my Grandson.


  1. You are so creative. Making things from "scratch" is way more fun than buying it. Not much time left till that important trip!!!! Yippeeeeee!

  2. I love your dpn holders!

    And that video is amazing. Speaking as the daughter of an art dealer and the sister of a well-established watercolor painter. Just amazing.

  3. I agree, you're very creative. I also enjoy the fun of seeing if I *can*.

  4. Lizzie!

    Your creation is fun! Way to go! Very creative!

    I will be carrying (shortly!) in my shop ( the Duckie DPN Holders! I've managed to get them for my shop - stay tuned! I've got them coming in - in different colors, I can't wait!


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