Monday, February 11, 2008

Bragging Rights!

Okay, so about, oh, a long time ago, I taught Youngest Daughter to knit. She wasn't enthused, although she's been crocheting for years. She works as a companion to an elderly lady in a home, so has lots of down time. And she's been knitting. Obviously. Now, understand I only taught her the knit stitch. She asked one time about the purl and I can't remember what I told her. The other day she said I needed to show her how to bind off. I gave her verbal instructions and she said she needed to be shown. HA! Yesterday she came home with this scarf.

She made the pattern up, didn't follow a chart or written instructions.... It's 6 ft 9 in long. I'd never have the patience for something that long.

I'm proud!

Let's see, my dog scarf is now 19 inches long. I switched from Rabbit Tracks to three rows of knitting with one row of dropped stitch. It's really looking nice... Pics soon.

And I cast on the second Mickey Mouse Waterloose Sock. Got through the first pattern repeat. Six more repeats till I start the heel flap.

Not sure what today has in store. I have errands to run, and I want to spin some more of the mohair to fill up the bobbin. I think that's destined to be another scarf...although lots of people don't like the fuzziness of mohair against their skin....

Knitting Iris has some absolutely stunning photos from behind a frozen waterfall.

More Easter toys...crochet this time!

Aren't these socks gorgeous. Note she said it was a difficult pattern!


  1. Your daughter's scarf looks fantastic. I wish I could say that my first knitting project looked that good.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! Well done!

  3. That's an impressive first project. She's a natural.

  4. Lizzie, that scarf is absolutely gorgeous! You must be so proud. I hate to say it but I think our daughters may surpass us with their knitting skills!!!


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