Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a note....

I got quite a bit done on my Mickey & Friends Second Sock. Just an inch or so of foot left before starting the toe decreases. I cut six rows out of the heel and it seems to fit much better. Yeah!

And I've finally used up all but a few yards of my Mickey Mouse (Rodentia) sock yarn. Three pairs of adult socks from two skeins! It's a good thing I like contrasting heels and toes!

I've got three pair of faded out socks ready to over dye. I don't know if it's my technique or just the nature of Kool Aid dyeing, but they've really faded after repeated machine washings (which is another variable). So, I'm going to over dye them. I have the yellow pair, which will still be yellow only darker, a multicolored pair which I haven't decided what to do with (they are predominately yellow, too) and a purple and yellow pair which will probably end up dyed purple...or maybe blue...

I've overdyed several pair of socks and have liked the results. Pics in the morning!

Isn't this gorgeous? She did all the dyeing after the it was completed!

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