Friday, February 29, 2008

Who's the leader of the club....

I finished up the Mickey & Friends socks. The second heel is a bit shorter and fits much better.
I thought I'd used up all the Rodentia yarn. Wrong. I found another ball of left over yarn, so decided I make my grandson a pair of socks to match mine! Seeing that I have no clue how many sts to CO and on line patterns vary from 36-52 CO sts, and needle sizes from 0 to 3, I just took a guess and CO 32 sts. I think they'll possibly fit for a few days. And seeing I have no clue what size his feet are (he's 14 months old) ....

Again, it feels like I spent most of the day running around and not accomplishing much of anything. And it looks like much of today will be the same way. :::sigh:::

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  1. Hey Lizzie! Great socks. For a toddler, I usually CO 44 stitches with sock yarn on 2.5mm needles. I do a 2x2 ribbing down the whole leg, so it will be stretchy.

    That peacock shawl is amazing!


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