Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More New Stuff

I got a new phone yesterday! This is the Razor. It's the first time I've every gotten a phone that someone may have ever heard about! It's nice, but different from my last few phones so I either have to have my son play with it and teach me, or I have to dig through the manual to figure it out. I'd love to play with it, but I want to knit..... Dilemma!
The local AARP has volunteers to help do taxes for free. I went over there yesterday and found that I don't make enough money to file (I can, bu don't have to) and that if I did, the amount I owe (due to self employment taxes) will be more than the tax rebate coming later this spring, so.... I guess I'll not bother. I wish I had a clue on where to find good information about the rebate, cuz I heard a rumor that veterans were eligible and then it might be worth me filing.

Anyway, while I was waiting my turn, I KIPed. The leg of the second sock (above on the left) got finished. Actually, over finished. When I measured I had to frog about an inch of knitting. That was okay. So, I spent my evening knitting time starting the heel flap. I'm going to shorten this one up a bit so they fit better.

As you can see, these are definitely fraternal socks. The one on the right has a black strand carried throughout, and the other a strand of white.

The Waterloose Mickey Mouse socks I'd made were too big...but after a couple of runs through the washer and dryer, they fulled down a tiny amount and fit much better now. Whew! And I love how drying in the dryer vs stretching them makes the Feather and Fan design become three dimensional. Aren't socks fun?


  1. I was just going to call me cell carrier and yell at them to get a Razr. My current phone doesn't hold a charge & I need bluetooth.

  2. Now that my children are inconveniently gone from home and my DGC aren't old enough, I have to throw myself on the mercy of my students for tech help! That's fine until they try to saddle me with a ringtone that people over 20 something can't hear!

  3. You'll enjoy that new phone. I have one and it's great! Have a great weekend! I'm off to R.I. to visit with family. (Home computer still not working.)

  4. Veteran's are able to get the rebate. Check out #6 at,15356,162400,00.html for more information.


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