Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anothe Pair of Mickey Mouse Socks

I finished the Mickey Mouse Waterloose Socks made of the Rodentia color way from Down Home Sock Yarns. I adjusted the pattern to 72, six rounds of garter stitch, ten rounds of pattern before dividing for heel, seven rounds of pattern during heel decreases and top of instep. Then eighteen rounds of st st before starting toe decreases. I like 'em!

Darning went well, once I got the hang of it. I got three of the four holes finished up I'm not sure how long the darns will last as I didn't really make the weaving as tight as I think it should be. But we'll see. Heck, they can be darned again, can't they? Hmmm wonder how many times one can darn a sock before it's all darn and no sock? :) A darned sock is a well loved sock!

My MP3 player is still just giving me five hours of continuous playback. I've e-mailed the company again and we'll see if it's the kind of files I'm listening to (wmp) or they're just doubling the play time. Did a bit of research and my travel time, including the layover, I think is just 5 hours. So, if I just listen to the book on the plane I should be fine. I e-mailed the Dallas-Fort Worth airport to see if there was some place I can recharge my player during the layover. I'm sure when we went to TN for Christmas '06 we saw charging stations in one of the airports. Just don't remember if it was Tucson, TFW, or Nashville.

Talked to DIL yesterday with my sweet grandbaby raising hell in the background. She said she just can't wait for me to see him and discover what a rotten kid he is! :)))) Not in my eyes! She mailed my itinerary to me, so now all that's left is the waiting and the packing!

Well, now that I've finished the Waterloose socks, I shall have to search for a new project to finish! I have two more beginning of the year gifts that need to be finished by the beginning of April and one the end of May. Hmmm, perhaps I could go buy the yarn for the April one. It's for Youngest Son's birthday, so although I can work on it when he's around (he pays no attention to my knitting), I may be able to limit my knitting to when he's at his father's house on the weekends and still get it done. I did kind of want to take it with me to TN to work on to see 3rd Son's reaction to it...I think he'd like one, too, but I want to be sure!

This is blatantly stolen from Ray of Please go visit him and maybe buy a couple of skeins of yarn so he doesn't sue me!


  1. That gives me hope. It can be done. I have a hole afghan my aunt gave back to me for repairs with massive holes--grandkids helping the moths... Ouch.

  2. Great job of darning! Have you seen the reinforcing darning yarn you use along with your reg. yarn when knitting heels and other wear areas? It looks like a small floss card.

  3. I am very impressed with your darning skills! I doubt I will go to the bother when the time comes... But then, maybe I will remember your fine job and be inspired. Also love the MM socks.

  4. Congrats on fixing your son's socks. I thought they were toast and you would have to knit him another pair. Maybe you could encourage him to be nice to his socks ... I doubt it now that I mention it.
    Have fun visiting your grandbaby!


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