Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Year of the Frog

Remember when I said I was scared that creating something that had to be frogged on New Year's Eve was setting a trend for 2008....I may have spoken/written the words of doom.

I decided to CO the pair of socks I need to make for DILs birthday. Found a pattern I like (it has a lace pattern which I'm bound and determined to do this year). I CO with some contrasting hand dyed Knit Picks sock yarn, made the two inch cuff (have I ever told you how much I HATE ribbing?) switched to the Opal and got an inch of the pattern done and realized the pattern called for DK weight yarn. :::heavy sigh::: Frog, frog, frog.

CO again, adjusting the size for the sock weight yarn, and got the cuff done before going up for bed. Then I sat up there and frogged the errors I'd made New Year's Eve and redid all that knitting.
This is just one side of the triangular shawl. If you follow the blue stripe to the top of the pic, you can see the column of eyelets that is the center of the shawl. It's a stash buster and is nicely using up lots of left over yarn. I'm thinking I might find some beads and add them to one of the repeats. I've never done beads in knitting. This would be a good project to learn the technique.

I made two pairs of adult sized fulled clogs for Christmas, a pair of fulled boots for F and he'd made me a pair of clogs. I worried about them wearing out and then found this in one of the blogs about resoling. One could knit a sole, full it and then sew it on, too. But recycling sweaters seems like a good idea, too.

I found this sweater pattern. Isn't it cute? I put it on my list of 2008 gifts. I think it'll be fun to make for youngest grandson. I can see the value of at least two panels for the front! One to match the sweater and one to act as a bib!

I had a really nice New Year's Day despite the frog taking up residence. Youngest Daughter and grand daughters were gone for the whole day and Youngest Son was involved with his video games. I sat and knitted (and frogged) while listening to a new book I downloaded: The Bone Garden by Tess Gerritsen. Really a good mystery involving Oliver Wendall Holmes as a young man. I think I may have found a new author!


  1. I'd seen that sweater pattern a while ago but promptly forgotten it ::adds to mile long Ravelry queue::

    The extra panel for a bib is a great idea - I didn't have the problem so much with my son, but daughter tends to be Princess Drool! ;)

  2. You always provide the best links! Don't worry too much about the frogs - they can't dish out anything you can't handle.

  3. I hope you don't get too many frogs this year. The triangular shawl looks beautiful.

  4. I love your triangle shawl - so colorful and unique. Absolutely, you should try beading. It's so much easier than it looks.
    And I've seen other people knit that baby sweater. It looks so precious.


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