Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When stressed, CO!

Jolly Roger is in Davey Jones' Locker for now. He'll be rescued later for another grandson's October birthday. This is a tank top made of Gong, a nice cotton yarn. I'm using needles a bit bigger than necessary so it's nice and airy to be cool in the Hawaiian humidity. Youngest Son picked the sea and sand colors.

I CO another relatively mindless project. An arm cover for Eldest Son's wheel chair. His right arm is pretty useless and rests on the plastic arm of his chair, which results in a rash. This cotton cover should eliminate that for him. I'll make another MN Vikings color one for him in the fall when football season is in full bloom.

I finished up the second sock for my first pair of Heet the Feet. See those cute little slippers over to the right? Ann is have a KAL to make them. They are rather neat, don't you think? Oh, and there is a contest for the, well, here's what Ann said: Send me a photo of your Very Best Pair of Foot Covers. They can be hand made or purchased, but only one entry per person, so photograph the cutest, or wildest, or funniest, or funnest. (Send to the photo to amcmanus@ptd.net with Heet The Feet Entry in the subject line.) It'll be a People's Choice award.

Flat Feet Sock Yarn! <-- be careful of this link. It takes loads of time to load and then doesn't work well. SpinOff (I think.. or was it Piecework?) a few years ago and I thought it would be so much fun. However, alas, I don't have a knitting machine and there isn't one in my future, either. And I'm certainly NOT going to hand knit 200+ yards of sock yarn only to re-knit it into socks after I dye it.

Check out this crocheted donut pin cushion. I think it's cute than the cupcake ones I've seen!

And how about these really cool strawberries!


  1. Great post, as always! I do want to join Ann's KAL, but first I need to finish the slipper I'm working on (I'm fussy that way).

  2. Amber in AlbuquerqueJanuary 13, 2008 at 8:33 AM

    OK, where can I find the pattern for the knitted strawberries?!


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