Monday, January 7, 2008

Monday Blues

I didn't get a whole log accomplished on the second Waterloose sock. Now, don't get me wrong, I knitted all day.... and if I had all the sts I frogged..... the sock would be ready for the heel flap. My glory in being able to knit a lace sock has all diminished and I'm back to the knit six rows, frog five...When I do the pattern row..with all the yos and K2togs my count comes out fine. When I do the next pattern row, with five rows of st st between, the count is all wrong, I have to frog back to the previous pattern row and do it again. Then I get ten rows done and have to frog back again to the last pattern row, redo it and continue. I don't understand.... I'm determined to finish these, though, so I will persevere!

Now for the Jolly Roger.... I just found out this morning my daughter is sending my grandsons (7 and 9) to Hawaii to live with their father. As she hasn't spoken to me in several years now, I don't know if it's permanent, where she will be living or any other details. I do know he won't be able to wear the Jolly Roger sweater in Hawaii so it'll go on hold till later in the year and I'll finish it up for my other grandson who lives here. His birthday is in October and he'll be able to wear it.... I asked on the Knitlist about knits in Hawaii. 66% of the answers were, "Don't bother" to "Light cotton or linen shirts." No socks needed. Silk would probably be good, but I'm not knitting silk for a 7 year old! I'm open to suggestions! I suppose I could learn to knit toys...

I'll see what kind of brain dead knitting I can do today till I recover from the shock of not knowing if I'll ever see my grandsons again or not....


  1. What a bummer to learn that your grandkids are going to be sent so far away! :o( and the JR sweater was turning out so cute...

    I also have real trouble keeping track of patterns - often I need complete quiet (no TV or movies, no family members). Hang in there - you can do it!

  2. My sister put the same sort of restrictions on my knitting - no wool because she lives in Texas. So, I haven't knit for them in years. I have made quilts for them and just used a lightweight batting in between. I'll be interested to see what other people suggest.


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