Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stocking Finished

The second (and last) Christmas stocking is finished! Now back to my regularly scheduled knitting, sort of.... I was doing some simple Fair Isle to create the diagonal stripes. It pulled in the stocking some. I guess that's common with Fair Isle as I've read on several sock patterns to choose a larger size than normal. Anyway...it's done.

I worked on the Waterloose sock most of the afternoon and managed to get through three repeats of the Feather & Fan pattern of six rounds having to frog back only once. There may be hope. I have about one more repeat of the pattern before starting the heel flap. I have one sock attached to the yarn ball using one end and the other sock using the other end. I may end up having to knit some of the second sock with some of the first in order to make them even. Toes will match heels and may be a big longer than toes usually are. However, I'm pretty sure my DIL will only wear these with shoes, not birks or anything like that, so the different colored extended toes won't be an issue.

Also received my two Log Cabin Charity blocks to work on. One is crochet and one knitted. I finished up my contribution, packaged them up and they are ready to mail on the 1st if next month. I did the white on the knitted one and the yellow on the crocheted one.

And that was pretty much my day.

Am going to F's house today to dye his slippers. He bought a deep, royal purple so we'll see how it goes! When he bought his new dryer he got a sweater shelf with it. Such a great device...it affixes somehow to inside the dryer. You can lay things on it, turn on the dryer and the heat will dry the items without tumbling. So, F, said, I'll never need this and tossed it out. Little did he know.... People say pack rats have a disorder, but ya know, ya just never know when you're gonna need something!

We had a nice two cup coffee maker when my daughter and I moved in here. We decided we would use the big coffee maker as there were two coffee drinkers in the house now. I Freecycled the little one. Now I'm going to visit my non-coffee drinking son in TN and really could use the little coffee maker.... Ya just never know....


  1. Wow, ain't that the truth! I hate throwing things away, but of course once every so often I go into crisis and get rid of things I haven't worn/used/read. I'm almost always sorry later!

  2. The stocking looks great!

    I have one of those sweater racks, but I've never used it. I'm afraid to put my sweaters in the dryer, even with out tumbling! Maybe I should use a swatch to test it...


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