Monday, January 21, 2008

Lots o' Pics

The above is the top and Corriedale spun, washed, and blocked--about 2 oz. Second is the Merino, spun washed and blocked--about 3.5 oz. The third is a skein of sky blue yarn I had and decided to throw in the dye pot with the other blue stuff. I did not soak this last skein, threw it in dry. You can see how the dye was unevenly picked up. That's okay, as I happen to like dye jobs like that. It gives depth and interest to the knitted piece.

This is the Brown Sheep top I spun last week after it was dyed and blocked. The dye is Sapphire Blue Jacquard Dyes from Dharma Trading Company. This yarn was soaked before dyeing and took up the dye very evenly. I ended up with about 5 oz of it.

This is some Tussah Silk (which as I understand it, is wild silk, vs cultivated silk from controlled silk worm raising and harvesting, and allows the silk moth to come to full maturity and exit the cocoon rather than being boiled as domestic silk worm cocoons are to harvest the silk. It is silk considered usable by vegetarians.

Anyway, I had some from a swap years ago and finally tried to spin it. It worked okay, and after being washed and blocked is nice and luminous like silk should be.

And as for knitting, the second Christmas stocking only needs a heel to be finished. That is first on the agenda for today.

Then I think it's back to the Waterloose Socks for DIL;s birthday. And, hmmmm I have more than enough of the top I just spun and dyed to CO the Square Cake Bag I plan to make for Eldest Daughter's birthday.....

The day is full of possibilities!


  1. Wow, your yarn is gorgeous! You've been hiding your talent, Missy! LOL I hope the spinning and knitting is working out okay for you. It looks to me like you're doing a fabulous job at both.

  2. Sounds like a good day in your knitting world! Love the yarn!

  3. WOW Liz, you've been busy. I msuthave been taking too many naps. I so hate not being on the same blog site any longer. Much more difficult to keep up. But tomorrow, I am going to get that Blogger thingie so I can get notified better. Have a good week and I love your dye jobs. Renate


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