Sunday, January 20, 2008

Recycling again...

All for $8.46! I don't know how much it weighs yet. (ETA: 669 gms, about 23.6 oz or almost 1.5 lbs.) It's a nice bulky single ply yarn with relatively no twist to it. Nice long staple, though cuz it doesn't pull apart easily. But it pills like crazy. Frogging it is a night mare because it has so many areas of loose fibers the pull together and tangle. Makes me think it might be Merino cuz it appears to felt just by looking at it and is so very nice and soft. It's a J. Crew sweater, not hand knit, but the tag said 100% wool. And it's nice wool! And I do love the autumn colors! I kept thinking, as I tugged and struggled to ball the yarn what nice clogs it would make.... I'll have peruse fulled ideas to see if there is anything else I'd like to make with it.

And that pretty much shot my day. I visited with F for the better part of the morning knitting on the wheel chair arm cover for Eldest Son. I stopped at the local 2nd hand store looking for a pot to dye yarn and such in. I found the sweater instead....

F and I ordered acid dyes from Dharma Trading Company last week. They are already here. I got several colors to play with. F and I were going to dye the booties I'd knit for him today, but
don't know if we'll get to it or not. They will be purple when finished. He made me my niddy noddy out of PVC pipe and I need to skein and block all the spinning I've been doing. I'm thinking of dyeing and blocking the white top I spun at the same time. The Merino, of course, will just be blocked. Hmmmm, if I dyed the white top to compliment the blue Merino then I'd have a good size bunch of yarn for a project..... And I did get some nice blue dyes....

And I recently bought a one pound cone of white sport weight wool from Ray at Knitivity. That needs to be skeined and dyed, too. Lots of fun for me the next few days! Speaking of Ray, if you haven't checked out his yarns lately, do it! He's got some great colorways in sock (and other) yarns.

A picture is worth.... From The Daily Kitten.

Knitting for knitting's sake!

Knitted Art.

More knitted Art.

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