Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rantin' and Ravin'

I must confess, I have OCD. In many areas of my life, but mainly with my "spare" time. I find it difficult to just sit still and do nothing. So, I always have a book, or my knitting, or something to do.... Even just sitting still and watching TV is difficult...I must knit or spin or something.

Now to fine tune it even further, if, say, knitting, is my "thing" then I can't comfortably do anything else. It's "cheating" to crochet or read or spin. So, that I'm spinning and knitting daily is really pushing me beyond my comfort zone. I enjoy both of them, but I'm afraid I'll have to put one aside in order to do the other. I don't know how long I can go on entertaining two loves. I think putting a time limit on it and going back and forth from one to the other helps to keep me aware that neither one is going to take over the other in my heart.

Being on-line is another addiction. And lately I've noticed that spending time at a couple of forums are making me crazy. I'm so tired of post after post from people that apparently don't know how to use a search engine and are insulted if, instead of answering their question, you give them instructions on how to use a search engine. I mean, give a knitter a pattern and they have one hat, show 'em how to use a search engine and they have an unlimited supply.

And then there are those that are beginners and ask the usual questions: How do I learn to knit? Why is my scarf curling? What does YO mean? Which is the right side? How do I make a sock? Yes, I know they are all questions we all asked and were grateful for the answers, but my peeve comes from those that refuse to try and find the answers themselves. Again, do they not know how to use a search engine? Or go to the library or a book store and look at the books? You don't have to buy them (all), you can sit and look.

Anyway, because these things are in these forums, and because they aren't going to stop asking these questions and not listening to the answers, I'm removing myself from the forums (for the most part). They eat up so much of my morning computer time I don't get to spend as much time here as I'd like. Streamlinin' my life!

I finished up the second slipper of this set. These fit my grand daughter (who won't wear anything on her feet and the floors are cold!). So I'm gonna try and see if she'll wear these. If she will, I'll make another pair for Heet the Feet. If not....we'll I'll take comfort in the fact someone will wear them.

I filled up the bobbin I showed you yesterday. Went searching for my niddy noddy and it's disappeared! Or "It's hining!" ad my grandson used to say. Of course mine's not as pretty as
this one. Mine's made of PVC pipe, but it works just as well and costs 75% less. So I called F, asked if he had any scraps of PVC pipe, and lo and behold, he had some stuff. So he and I will put one together this weekend.

Not to be slowed down while I still had spinning minutes, I started on some Merino I'd picked up a long time ago at Fiber Factory in Tempe, AZ. I think I've found a new love. This Merino is so lovely to spin and I'm having great luck with spinning closer to a ww yarn that I've had in a long time. I think the white might end up to be DK or sport, but won't know for sure till it's blocked. I spun 4 oz so far and that ball of roving is another 4 oz. I have no idea what I'll make with it, but I'm pretty sure it'll be for me. Of course it'll have to combined with some other yarn...can't make too much with 8 ounces of yarn!

We sat down and wrote letters to my grandsons in Hawaii last night. Still haven't heard from them, but we live in hope. We will keep sending them stuff every Wednesday night and hope for the best.

Remember high school biology class? Check out Craftyhedgehog's etsy store! (I personally couldn't pith the damn frog so my lab partner got all the "fun."


  1. Lizzie, you are right on about those forums. I've also unsubscribed from a few. Some people where posting "Good Morning", "Good Night", etc. e-mails. Nothing of substance. I work all day and I want my free time to be constructive if that is what I choose.
    Love those slippers!

  2. I agree with you and Joansie about the forums and groups. I like to read the Yahoo groups on line so I can just skip the ones that look uninteresting.

    Your slippers are great! I hope your gdaughter will wear them.

    I had a mysterious 1 day ailment the day our biology class did the frogs. Go figure...


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