Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Slipper

I was wandering through the web looking for a slipper pattern (for Heet the Feet) and stumbled upon this one. Of course I changed it immediately upon knitting the first one.

To make a toddler size, using bulky yarn and size 8 needles, I CO 18 and knit for 8 ridges. Then picked up the sts all around and just knit for 8 rows. I used the suggested method for the top of the slipper but knit each row instead of purling back. Then I did several rounds of st st to make the cuff, adding the eyelets and a crochet chained drawstring. It didn't take very long to make them, and of course more time and more sts if using ww yarn. They look a little like moccasins.

I also got quite a bit done on the tee shirt for my grandson. The back is done up to the neck shaping. If I have some relative peace and quiet today, so I can follow the pattern line by line, I'll get the back done and start on the front.
And I did some spinning. This was about half full when I started and is getting close to being full. It's just plain what used to be Brown Sheep American Top and is now South American Top. :::sigh::: Ray at Knitivity has made me aware of "buying American" which sometimes I really can't afford, but, his yarn is from American spinners.... I wonder where the wool comes from? Anyway, I have some pretty dyed rovings to spin as well as all that alpaca and llama I got last year. So I'm going to try and spin for awhile every day. Yesterday I spun for 30 minutes, then knit for 30 minutes and accomplished alot on both projects.

If you steal something from someone who stole it from someone else, is it still stealing?

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  1. Cute slippers! Thanks for the pattern link. I made your card, but I submitted a scan to a stamping magazine. If they want to see the original, I'll make you a new one so you won't have to wait. Just wanted to let you know.

    Oh, and by the way? Yes, I think stealing is stealing. Period. But then, I'm probably the only hard a** parent in this country who won't let her kids download music and movies from the Internet.

    My verification word is "friegtoe." Sounds like German foot disease, no? ;)


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