Friday, January 18, 2008

Making the Decision to Frog

The tee shirt I was making for my grandson has officially been frogged. It just wasn't going to work and didn't look nice. Wrong yarn for the project. So I decided to work on some toys instead. I'm crocheting a ball or more for him using, at this point in time, this pattern. It's a good basic pattern. I'm using the cotton I bought for the shirt, so my first ball is quite a bit bigger than those in the pattern pics. It's about half done in this pic. Crocheting is so fast!

The Heet the Feet slippers I made that fit my granddaughter stayed on her feet for less then five minutes. :::heavy sigh::: but I did get a pic!

And as I feared, I spent most of my day spinning! I finished up the Merino and started on some Corridale I'd received in a dyeing swap. There is only an ounce, so I'm spinning it up with some Top. I'm drafting the two of them together as I spin creating the twisted barber pole effect. There should be close to two ounces when I finish, which will work for part of a hat, or a design on a sweater....
Youngest Son and I cleaned up the back yarn. Now you must realize, my back yard is smaller than most living rooms.... But it does have two citrus trees. And we've had several frosts, so the lemons are falling like rain from the top branches. Along with leaves and other debris, we filled up 2.5 tall kitchen garbage bags with fruit and stuff. Youngest Son didn't complain about having to help, so it was a pleasant job that had a distinct Lemony Fresh Scent! And ended with a clean back yard.

I've built a little kitty bed under the patio table putting all the toys and chairs around to keep the dog from being able to dive in there when I first put her out in the morning. Some feral kitty(s) are using it as it's full of cat hair. Glad to keep them warm over the winter. I won't feed them as I don't want too many hanging around here. (there is someone in the complex that does feed them as well as catch, neuter and release.

Although lots of people thing feral cats are a problem, and I'm sure they are in some ways, I'm thankful they are around here and keep the mouse population under control. This is an old development and I'm sure lots of mousies have figured out how to get into the units. I've not found any evidence of mice in our house. I'm glad for that. We had mice in one house and never did manage to get rid of them all. What a disaster to my needlework supplies!

Youngest daughter has taken on two extra days work this week. Tuesday is normally her day off as is Friday after she works with my disabled son in the morning. None of us got any days off since last Friday. It's been a long week. However, the gal who she helped out is taking her weekend shifts, so Saturday and Sunday are free! F is going to work on his yard "job" tomorrow, so maybe he and I can have coffee and donuts on Sunday!

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  1. It is difficult to frog isn't it? But better to just let it go than work on something you're going to be sorry you spent the time on. I'm glad you have a soft spot for feral cats. I very much do especially in the winter. They just break my heart but I can't let them near my cats with all the leukemia going around here. Our neighbors cat just died from it. Good luck getting some down time!

  2. It must be the position of the moon or something as I've frogged three times this week, each with a different pattern. Love the little footsies. Yes, "sigh", when kids don't want to wear what you make them. My kids, as young girls used to do that to me all the time.

  3. Sorry to hear that you had to frog the Thing 1 t-shirt. It looked like such a cute project. Nice that you found a replacement project already.

  4. Did you see my blog today? Tinked back a whole bunch on my vest last night! Love those slippers, and the toys are really cute. I made a bunch of knitted footbags last spring and thought they were fun to make. I need to make some more for the new kids at the community center...


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