Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas....

I got 95% of the first Christmas stocking done to meet the quarterly challenge a the Gift-A-Long. It was fun to sit and knit and listen to my most recently finished book, Nightmare House. (As books go, it's not a piece of literature, but it kept my interest.) The white stripe in the middle of the sock is for an afterthought or peasant heel. I'll do that this morning. Then, I really should spend some time with the tank top. If I apply myself I should get it done this weekend.

Everyone complains about how awful Red Heart Super Saver yarn is. And yes, I do remember it was scratchy to knit with but soft when washed. I bought the red and green yarn for the stocking and am really amazed at how soft it feels. I definitely feels the same as, say, Plymouth Encore (a wool acrylic blend) and softer than the Northern Worsted (a higher end acrylic from my LYS). Maybe Coats and Clark have been listening?

Every wonder what you can do with all those swatches you knit? (You knit, cuz if I ever swatch, I rip out after measuring and use the yarn in the project.)

Amy shared this really nice looking slipper pattern for Heet the Feet. May have to try it next!


  1. Finally found your blog and I really like the appearance of it. It's easy to ready the print for these tired eyes. Love the Christmas stocking...and who is that for?

  2. The stocking looks great.

    As for the RH super-saver, I know they switched manufacturers last year. Maybe the new ones are doing a better job.


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