Sunday, January 13, 2008


I finished up the first Christmas stocking! I just had the heel left to do, but it's done. The second one is CO and about an inch or so done on it. It'll have green contrast and be red and white striped.

I worked for quite awhile on the tank top doing the front decreases... and decided that it just wasn't gonna work. Because I'm using larger than called for needles, to make an airy type knit, the shaping for the top looked really tacky. So, I changed horses mid-stream and am now making this Tee Shirt. Of course, it's not red and white, doesn't have a Thing on it and well, okay, I'm just using the pattern part. The neckline might still give me fits, but....somehow I hope it'll all work out. If not, I'm stumped as there just isn't that much to knit for a seven year old boy living in Hawaii!

And that was my day...knitting, frogging, knitting. Today I have to run some errands so there will be a little less knitting going on.

Someone on Knitlist suggested these in answer to a question, but I think these are much cuter, can be made for minimal cost and well, are much cuter!

This somehow has to be really useful for knitters.... A free program that will read whatever's on your computer to you. And here's thousands of books to download for free. My library also has books to download on Adobe Reader. Most of my reading is books I down load from my library in MP3 format and listen to on my computer. I do also get books from the library on CD. But there are classics from my childhood like Louisa May Alcott that are sometimes hard to find in print, let alone audio....


  1. Great stocking. I'd like to make some for the kids next Christmas.

  2. The stocking looks fabulous - great job! I had to frog a bit on my current slipper today (in the round, fair isle... ugh, not fun) but I'm back on track now and nearly ready for the toe decreases. This is the pair in Ann's pattern. Then I want to try doing some socks in worsted weight.

  3. That sock is the prettiest sock! Great job! Yes, I can imagine it's difficult to find patterns for a boy living in Hawaii.

  4. Great stocking!
    I just love the Thing 1 & 2 shirts! I'm sure your little man will love it. You even see some of the big kids wearing those shirts.


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