Friday, January 11, 2008

Feeling Overwhelmed

I need to organized my knitting projects. In my need to CO something, I've got so many things going now.
  1. Cotton Muscle Shirt (February 2): I've got about 9 of the 11 inches of the body done. Then the decreases for the armholes, neckline and knitting the shoulders. Really only a good couple days of knitting and it should be done.
  2. Waterloose Socks (March 7): The first one is as far done as I'm gonna do. I'm taking them to TN with me to have DIL try on before I finish them. I'm not gonna risk having to frog a lace pattern. Yes, I can do it, but I don't want to have to.
  3. Chair arm cover for Eldest Son's wheel chair (May 26) Only about two of ten or so inches... It's a brainless knit, though
  4. Christmas Stocking (December 1): The Year Long Gift-A-Long moderator has issued a challenge to finish to items intended to be gifted in either Oct, Nov or Dec. Not one to pass up a challenge... I CO the first of the two stockings I want to get done this year. I made stockings for all the grands but two for Christmas 2007, so they get theirs this year.
At the Gift-A-Long we have to keep a current list of the next five projects we want to finish. What I need to do but haven't CO are:
  1. Square Cake Bag (March 28)
  2. BMP Hat (Apr 3) Yes, I know that is a sock pattern, but I'm going to use the chart to make a hat forone of my two gamer sons. If it doesn't kill me, the other one will get his hat in October.
Now, once I finish all these items, my deadlines are much looser as all the rest of the deadlines are in the fall and winter. Plus all the Christmas knitting. I'm overwhelming myself, but I do it every year.... Well, some of the gifts may not be knitted but will be home made. Just my way.

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