Thursday, January 10, 2008


Okay, you all know my granddaughter knits. And she's started her second scarf after the first one morphed into so many sts that they kept falling off the needles. Now she counts the sts after each row to keep on the straight and narrow.

What I'm braggin' about is that she put her knitting in the (hand spun, hand crocheted bag I made) looped it over her head and walks around knitting! Thought of it all by herself! I think that's neat. Her knitting, BTW, is getting more even and looks pretty good for a seven year old.

I started another pair of slippers for Heet the Feet last night, but didn't get very far. I was tired. Youngest Daughter brought home Chinese for dinner which was nice, even though I'd already baked the potatoes for twice baked potatoes. That's okay...they keep!

Okay...check out these socks! They have a cluster of grapes on the leg and instep with grape leaves at the cuff!


  1. I don't blame you for bragging - that's wonderful! She's a real sweetheart.

  2. That is pretty awsome!
    Wish I had been around for the Chinese food!!!

  3. Your granddaughter is a knitting natural! She'll be designing her own soon.

  4. Applauding!
    Congrats to your granddaughter in perfecting her knitting skills and congrats to you for making such a handy bag for her.


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