Friday, January 4, 2008

I did it!

I started knitting socks last February. I've never been able to do any kind of a fancy stitch pattern in the sock itself. The only thing I've managed is a basket weave type pattern. However I've finally managed to knit a feather and fan pattern into the leg and instep of a sock! Ta Da! These are the Waterloose socks (link on the right side) I'm making for my DILs birthday. I'm soooo proud! It feels as good as finishing my first pair of socks!

I read on someone's blog yesterday when she frogged a project, she skeined, washed, and reballed the yarn after every frogging. Wow! If I felt I had to do that, I'd quit knitting, I think. Not only do I not wash it, I often just knit it as it unravels! This is a the cuff I knit for the above
mentioned sock that was way too small. I was gonna save it for another pair of socks (I really hate doing cuffs) but decided instead to use it for the heel flap on the Waterloose Socks. So I just grabbed the end of the yarn and started knitting it right off the cuff. Saved lots of time and all that.

Today's my last weekday of vacation. Eldest Granddaughter goes back to school Monday which means I have to be up, fed, and ready to take her to school by 8:00 am. Seeing I have been sitting here till 9 or so every morning, I'll have to cut back on some of it. I've started really reading blogs recently and commenting on them. I may just have to go back to looking at the pictures.....

I read on Ann's blog yesterday, and then on Amy's that there is a challenge to Heet the Feet for the Cheyenne River Reservation in Eagle Butte, SD. So I cast on two socks using the Magic 28 pattern. It's a catch all pattern that will fit "somebody" no matter what size yarn or needles you use. So, if you're in the mood to do some charity knitting, this is a good cause.

The Cheyenne River Rez is the rez my mother is registered on. She's the last of our family to have enough blood to be registered. She has 140 acres of land that she leases out to a native farmer to use. Once she dies, though, her land will revert back to the tribe and our ties to it will be severed. She's 91 years old, still driving and bowling and travelling. We have genes for long life on my mother's side. All the women I know about lived into their 80s and 90s....guess I'll be knitting socks for a long time, too!


  1. Good for you! The Waterloose sock is gorgeous, and I'm delighted you're making socks for the Rez. May you enjoy a great many happy & healthy years of knitting.

  2. HI Lizzie

    Love your socks! I love feather and fan AND Opal sock yarn - a great combination. I think I would like to knit this pattern.

    You did the Mickey socks in Ray's Yarn!

    Thanks for posting on my blog!


  3. Very pretty. I look forward to seeing the finished article!

  4. Wow I never thought of knitting from a frogged item. I usually ball it up then knit it. But what you do is a great idea!!

  5. Gorgeous socks! Feels good, doesn't it!

  6. Congratulations! See it isn't all that difficult. Have fun knitting the socks. Miss you onn 360. Renate

  7. Your sock is looking fabu! And I must confess to winding up after I frog. I never thought to knit from the piece there. You learn something new everyday!

  8. I had to frog and reknit most of one sock recently. I just reknit it right after frogging it. The texture was a bit bumpy but when I washed the sock you could not tell the difference.

    I think I would wash only if the item had been knit for a long time and the yarn was really badly kinked up.

    Congrats on the new sock! It's beautiful.


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