Saturday, January 5, 2008

Miscellaneous Miscellania

We cleaned out the cupboard under the stairs.... These are the after pics. The before pics were just six inches of everything but the kitchen sink. The only thing we didn't find in there was old food. Dishes, garbage, more garbage.... But now it's clean. For maybe another three hours. But the amount of stuff we got rid of will help keep it clean. That and two new huge storage containers. Oh... and I inherited/snagged several bags to keep knitting projects in. Shopping bag type purses, little clear back packs... very nice!

Knitting was minimal. Got a few more rounds done on the Waterloose socks, and got quite a bit done on the first Heet the Feet socks. Worked on those while watching The Bourne Ultimatum. It was good...and some of the chase scenes had me knitting "really fast!" But it's more of the same as the other Bourne movies. Guess someday I should read the books.

On my list of things to knit this year....I'm letting everything sit in favor of knitting the socks. I think that's why I had to put my Bamboo Walking Socks (Mickey Mouse - The Sequel) on hold. I'll just knit socks if given the opportunity. Have to be more disciplined about this!

Isn't this Fairytale Dress cute? I'd love to make it for my littlest granddaughter but she's so picky about clothes...there is more than a 85% chance she'd never wear it longer than for me to take her picture.

Isn't this a gorgeous Baby Surprise Jacket? For those that enjoyed the knits in The Golden's a pattern for Lyra's most famous hat. This has to be the cutest cupcake hat I've ever seen! And a black cat hat!

Take a look at Colin's puppies! Can you imagine anything cuter?

Lynn has some gorgeous fraternal socks...Monstersocks! I wanna make a pair like those. Guess I need to make more regular ones so I have leftovers to work with! Or one could make an afghan out of sock yarn--NOT! But it's gorgeous! What a cute idea for a teapot cozy! I've been playing with the idea of special buttons on fulled items for awhile now.


  1. Hey Lizzie, I thought you were going to say you found everything but Harry Potter in the closet under the stairs! LOL Good job on the cleanup. We have one of those closets, too, but for now it's fairly well organized.

    Thanks as always for the cute links. I love that knitted dress!

  2. I know what you mean when you get knitting faster with the action movies. I do that too!


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