Sunday, December 16, 2007


Well, I've been experimenting with different ways to do fair isle in the round and not pull the floats too tight. This hat is supposed to have a rounded top
Fake Isle 3

but I pulled the floats too tight and got a peaked hat. Which is okay in the is case but doesn't work for socks....

I started the skully sock on two circs and the first skull near the cuff worked pretty well. There were a couple snug floats at the sides, but nothing too bad.

The second skull, the one in progress is a whole different process. Instead of carrying the white yarn all the way around, I knit the first row of white, dropped it and finished the round back to the skull. Then I slipped the white sts from the right needle to the left, turned the work and purled the white sts back. Picked up the black yarn, made a float across the white and continued around. Again, I have to be careful the black float isn't too tight across the white work, but it's much easier to keep an eye on that one float that lots of them at them where the needles switch.

I like learning new things!

Worked a bit on the Feather and Fan Comfort Shawl but it takes so long just to do one row now, it doesn't show much progress for a daily picture.

We got our tree, put it up and have the lights on it. It's really a pretty shaped tree. Once we get it trimmed a bit and decorated I'll share a pic with you.

There's another contest! This one's at 144 Inches of I -Cord. The prize is sock yarn, so click on over and enter!

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