Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vegetative State

I really feel like I'm not doing much of anything but sitting in front of the computer with my basically brain dead knitting. Feather and Fan is as close as one can get to miles of garter stitch and not fall asleep from boredom. With all that said, this shawl really is fun to knit. I've been pretty much been changing colors at each pattern repeat. It's using up small balls of leftovers at this point.

Now I have to decide what I'm going to do when it starts to get really long stripes...I have probably 150 sts on the needles now and when it gets to be 400 or so it's going to take a lot of yarn to make one stripe. Most of the skeins I have that will accommodate a pattern repeat that big are in neutral colors: black, white, tan, brown, etc. All were acquired on Freecycle or the resale shops. Maybe I'll have to buy a few bright colors to alternate with the neutrals.

Is anyone else interested in participating in my PAY IT FORWARD? If so, let me know and put the info on your blog!

It's still cold, although the rain seems to be out of the forecast till closer to Christmas. We seem to be developing lots of fog, though. It was really kinda scary driving yesterday. Although visibility was about a half block, which should, if drivers are paying any attention at all, not be a problem, but when drivers are used to clear weather about 360 days a year....they just don't seem to make allowances for "weather". Anywho, fog yesterday and fog today according to the Weather Channel.


  1. noe that is simply gorgeous. great use of colour.

  2. I emailed you and it came back. I changed it to B*****S! I don't use those type of word son my blog for fear oit being labelled adult or even banned!
    Sorry, I didn't think about the witches comment. Not nice. I have known many witches in my time and ll of them nice people.


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