Monday, December 24, 2007

Skully Sox

I made some progress on the skully sox yesterday. I'm working on the heel flap now, so if I work diligently it may be done in time for Santa's visit tonight.

All my local kids and grands had Christmas at my XDH's house last night. Glad I wasn't there
. Although the usual open warfare didn't erupt, lots of sniping going on. :::heavy sigh::: Given the choice between that and no Christmas, the grinch wins! Fortunately the little ones had a good time and that's what counts. I sent almost all the holiday knitting I did over to their and the box got forgotten until everyone was walking out the door. So I don't know if any of the seven pairs of slippers and one pair of socks fit anyone. And knowing my kids, I won't find out.... Ya know, I didn't raise them to act this way. Goes to show you how little of the positive things you teach stay with them.... Yes, Bah Humbug!

Talked with my son and DIL in TN and they are going to buy my plane tickets to visit them on New Year's Eve. The tentative dates are March 7-17 but it will depend on black out days and any other frequent flyer restrictions. But I get to go and that's all that counts!

Check out these sweaters....

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