Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After the ball is over.....

I finished up the Skully Sox Christmas morning. All I had left to do was the toe decreases. They fit well, he likes them and they were kinda fun to knit.

I switched to using 2 circs to make these as it's
so much easier to add the color work using circs than trying to keep the floats loose enough using DPNs. I think it might be a bit faster to knit them on DPNs as one can knit half the stitches before switching to the other set of needles. With DPNs one can only knit a third of the sts at a time, if using 4 needles, and 25% of the sts at a time if using 5 needles.

However, I still like the whole process of using DPNs, so... And I think a sock in progress looks so mysterious on DPNs while two circs just looks....messy.

I CO some fun projects last night. I was really enjoying seeing all the mini sweaters on Ravelry so I decided that using the Weasley Cell Phone Cozy, I'd make some as favors for gifts through out the year or maybe hold on to them for
Christmas. The pattern has a draw string on it, and I thought they'd make great holders for some candy or a small gift. Pics when I get one done.

Had a nice Christmas. Youngest and Oldest sons were here for dinner and Oldest son spent the night. He's snoring behind me on the couch. We had our traditional turkey, dressing, smashed taters, green beans, broccoli, and ho
me made fudge.

Youngest Son got the new electronic Monopoly game. Uses credit cards instead of cash and everything is in the thousands and millions of dollars. It was no fun at all. It was close to impossible to keep track of one's money and all we did was keep passing our credit cards to the banker to make transactions. It must be what it's like to be Paris Hilton. Just keep spending money without out a thought of how much you have one way or the other. I suppose if one was buying stuff one wanted it would be a bit more fun, but.....

Third son called from TN and said the fulled clogs I'd made him and DDIL fit perfectly! And youngest grandson liked the felted balls I'd made him. Nice to know gifts fill their intended purpose.Third son was mostly happy about how slippery they were!

(My XMIL used to knit slippers for our entire family each year. The kids took turns sliding down the hall with them. (Even though they were all raised in the desert, they have Minnesota genes for ice skating!) So my son was happy I was renewing the tradition. Fortunately these will last a couple of years compared to the ones from his childhood that barely made it through the winter. Who'd a thunk you could wear out acrylic slippers in just one season?

Hope you had a good holiday and I'm thinking of you all as I sit and sip my St. Brendon's spiked morning coffee!

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