Saturday, December 22, 2007

Freezing Cold

It froze last night. And it's still below freezing outside according to the little icon on my computer. I think we may have lost our citrus fruit.... And I didn't get one grapefruit off the tree this year. (For those of you that live in the north and wonder what the big deal is about freezing, we rarely get that cold here in the southwestern deserts.)

I took this picture of the lemon tree that's outside the kitchen window. It's so heavy with fruit it almost blocks the view of the ugly concrete wall! The grapefruit tree is the trunk you can see at the bottom right corner.

I started a sweater for one of my grands. If you remember from last February, he's into pirates
. I wanted to make this sweater last year but didn't know how. Now I do! As you can see, the language barrier would have stopped me last year, too, but now having a basic idea of how to construct a sweater, and with my trusty pattern from Charmed Knits I can improvise. I sat watching Season 2 of Doctor Who and knit all those rows of black without a hitch. In fact, not paying attention to my knitting really kept my tension nice and even!

Now I need to put down the sweater and start the other Skully Sock! Christmas is just a few days away!

For those of you that have finished all your holiday knitting, here's a pattern for paper you can make the nice six pointed ones. They really are very easy, once you know how to fold the paper!

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