Monday, December 10, 2007

Pretty Hat

Finished just in time for Eldest Granddaughter's birthday today! I think it looks gorgeous.

Any hints on how to keep the stranding even on DPNs? Everything was fine on circular needles. Once I switched to DPNs the strands got pulled in no matter how hard I tried to knit loosely. I have no issues on flat stranded knitting either. Just on DPNs.

I started this flat piece last night just because it's so much fun to do it!

Colorwork 3

And I worked on the Work Socks! All that's left is the heel! I thought it would be fun to add something to the toe on these!
Zach's worksock 5
Again, it's really tight and I may have to frog and do again, but for now I'll leave it.

So for my Christmas To Do List: Work Socks heel, fulled slippers for 5 year old, the hoodie scarf, and then anything I can think of for three of my sons who really don't need any more knitted items.... I think Youngest Son will get a video game.

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  1. don't use DPN's ! switch to the 2 circ style or magic loop instead of using dpn's.

    i 've done color work for years (i started doing color work age 9) and its so much easier with the 2 circ method.. i hardy ever use my dpn's anymore!


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