Monday, October 22, 2007

Jackyll & Hide

Jackyll & Hide
Jackyll & Hide magnify
I managed to get a lot done on my current project, Jackyll & Hide. I'm up to the eye holes. Which is kinda tricky, I think. I'm hoping for an hour or so of relatively quiet time in which to get that part finished. Then it's easy peasy from there on. With luck, it'll be finished today.

Then back to the regularly scheduled Christmas knitting. I pretty much know what I'm making for everyone so it's just a matter of working on it. And I need to CO the next pair of Mickey Mouse socks to take to Disneyland.

Awhile back I traded a small wooden swift I had for a $40 gift certificate at KnitPicks. I'm really bad at just "buying yarn" without something in mind for it and I just didn't have anything in mind I needed yarn for. So I was wandering through Etsy looking at Sock Knitting Bags. Although not necessary for knitting at home, it would be nice to have one for the trip. I found a very cute one. It's made by White Willow and has a Halloween motif of knitting witches. I may have to replace the drawstring cord, though, as it looks like it's too slick to stay closed. And add a lobster claw swivel hook so I can hook it to my purse. Don't want it flying off in Space Mountain!!

As that didn't use up my gift certificate, I bought some yarn, too. It was the only skein listed of that colorway which was based on Tinkerbell colors. Soft blue and green with a little white, I think. Anyway, Youngest Daughter is a Tink freak so the skein of yarn with a coupon for hand knitted socks will be her Christmas present. (Unless of course I have time to knit the socks before Christmas). It was just so weird, cuz earlier that day I'd asked her what she thought would be a Tinkerbell colorway. And she said, light blue, green, and white.....

Turner Movie Channel had some great musicals on yesterday. Watched most of My Fair Lady with my grand daughters and then Brigadoon. DVRed some more good movies for today, Fiddler on the Roof, Rear Window, and Paint Your Wagon. Today's list to be DVRed is House of Usher, The War of the Worlds (1953), and Sorry, Wrong Number. Gotta get more popcorn!

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