Monday, October 22, 2007

Jackyll & Hide Done!

Jackyll & Hide Done!
Jackyll & Hide Done! magnify
Jackyll & Hide 4

I finished it up yesterday afternoon. The area around the eyes gave me a bit of a problem until I figured out the piece between the eyes would be added after the sides had been built up. Then it was simple to finish.

The second view is how to wear it if you're not try to scare the pants off someone!

So being a good little Christmas knitter, I CO the next thing on my list, the Felted Mary Janes.

Mary Jane 1

For sock knitters these are really easy....two strands, start the heel flap after one round (IOW, no leg at all) and then knit like a sock. Once they are fulled, you cut out the toe area and define the faux strap. Then decorate. Really fast! I didn't have the correct needle size, so I remembered what Joansie said about sizing is in the fulling, not the knitting. These are a little bit of a tight knit, so I won't make them quite as long as the directions say. Don't think they'll full down as much.

I also got some work down on the socks for Second Son's birthday on Christmas Eve. I think I'm ready to start the toe, but am going to have Youngest Son try them on today to see if I'm in the ball park. Did CO the second sock and have about an inch of the 3 inches of cuff done.

All in all a productive day in knitting!

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