Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A blog without pictures.....

Why bother? However now I can post pictures, so disregard the title!

A small component on my computer fried yesterday. It's the Ether thingy that allows me to get on line. Talk about panic!

Fortunately, Youngest Son is allowing me to share his computer so I can get my daily dose of WWW. Youngest Son thinks there is a Ether thingy in a no-good computer at his dad's house, so we'll go over there today, do the cannibalization thing, and hopefully happiness will be restored.

I worked on the skully socks yesterday. Got the heel done and am finishing up the foot. I didn't want to put another skull on it, so I've got five parallel lines running towards the toe like foot bones.... Looks neat.


Youngest Daughter is still exhibiting flu symptoms. Why she thinks we want recycled food around I don't understand, but there it is.... Actually she's miserable and I shouldn't make light of it.

Other than that, life goes on.

Oh, I said I'd give credit for the fair isle idea I posted about yesterday. It was Hilde at Knittinghelp.com and she informed me that the originator of the idea is Elizabeth Zimmerman. Should have known!

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