Friday, October 26, 2007

Witchy Stitchin'

Isn't it cute? It's my project back for sock knitting to take on vacation. I traded a gift certificate for KnitPicks I had that I had originally traded a small wooden swift I had. In addition to the bag, I got a skein of gorgeous Merino sock yarn that's in Tinkerbell colors. Light blue, light green and some white. They'll be socks for my daughter the Tink freak!

I got it from White Willow and if you're looking for a project bag, hers are great. The only thing they don't have that much more expensive others do is the swivel hook. However, I have half a dozen of those laying around and can put one on myself.

Now I just need to get the socks CO so I don't have to fiddle with trying to do that in the car and I'll be ready to go! Oh, yeah, guess I should pack a couple changes of clothes, too!

I made great progress on 2nd Son's birthday sock #2. I went from almost done with the heel decreases to almost ready to do the toe decreases. Those should be done today so there is one more thing to cross off my Christmas list. That leaves a pair of fulled Mary Janes, a pair of child's slippers (both started), a pair of these really cool mittens, and two "unknown" gifts left to do for family. There's the extraneous gifts for those outside the family, but.... that's too much to think about right now.

F got the magnetic tow lights fixed up for us to use as rear lights on our trip. Of course now we've decided to drive over during the day, but hey, we need to have rear lights regardless. Got the right front turn signal fixed, too, so we're pretty much ready to go.

These really inexpensive sock blockers were discussed on The Knitlist this morning. "
I bought 4 pair of those sock blockers. They are great. They're white, not bright blue, and they have lots of round holes for ventilation instead of long cut-outs. Oh, and they're longer than the fiber trends, which I appreciate since I have large feet and long legs. I bought the large set which fit my socks, shoe size 11, and the small, which looks like an average woman's foot. There was no medium size when I purchased. They're so cheap, I can give them as gifts along with the expensive socks I knit for friends and family. The price is $1.88 per PAIR." Then someone else piped up and said they make theirs out of two pieces of cardboard taped together. Yes, they get damp but still work for several pair. I still think these are the prettiest!

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