Saturday, October 27, 2007


I finished up the socks for 2nd Son yesterday. Got them washed and blocked and put away to be wrapped! Yeah! One more thing off the "To Do" list.

Cast on these Peek-A-Boo mittens.

Peek-a-boo mittens 2

They work up really fast...all I have left on this one is the thumb. I like them a bit better than other flip top mittens as the area around opening has some ribbing and is just a bit smaller making them stay up and fit a bit better, I think.

Peek-a-boo mittens

My grandsons are over for the weekend. Oldest GS brought a brand new microscope he bought last week on a class trip to the planetarium. My Youngest Daughter and the granddaughters will be out today, so in the more peaceful atmosphere, we'll set it up and see what we can see. And play some games... may not get too much knitting done today.

Our countdown to vacation is three days now. Time to start packing!

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