Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mickey Mouse - The Sequal

I finally took time out to CO the Mickey Mouse socks I'll be working on while on vacation. I'm using the stitch pattern from Bamboo Walking Socks. I thought it looked like an easy pattern for the counting impaired (and it is). What I didn't realize it's very, very pretty! Neither the pattern picture or mine give it credit, but you'll see once I can get a few more rounds done.

I CO the second Peek-A-Boo mitten and find myself wishing I could work on my sock instead. I'll have to be very disciplined about it. Want to get these mittens done before we leave so there is one less Christmas project waiting for me when I get home.

I have been diligently moving posts from here to Blogger. I found that if I highlight the entire post, save, and paste in the Blogger window, it moves pictures, links and everything. Whoda thunk? Makes it very quick to move back and forth.

My Oldest, 2nd Oldest and Youngest Sons are coming over today for a small birthday party for Youngest Daughter. Here birthday is still a week away, but we wanted to have a family party today as we'll BE IN DISNEYLAND next week for her birthday.

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