Monday, October 29, 2007

Need Thumbs

Need Thumbs magnify
Have gotten both mittens done except the thumbs. With any luck at all, I can finish those up to day in the midst of washing clothes and packing and generally going into a panic about getting everything done before we leave TOMORROW morning!

I worked some on my newest Mickey Mouse socks...It's really fun to work this stitch pattern.
Mickey Mouse II b

It's really easy....Round 1: K; Round 2: *YO K2, pass YO over two sts*; Rounds 3 & 4: K. The second round really leaves a neat pattern and breaks up the color repeats nicely.

Didn't do much else yesterday except ride herd on all the kids. The grands really did well over the weekend...I expected by Sunday afternoon they might have gotten tired of each other, but they hung out pretty well.


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