Sunday, October 7, 2007

October 7, 2007

Happiness is.....
Happiness is..... magnify
...counting your stitches at the end of each round and having the proper stitch count. Everyone has always said the Fiber Trends Clogs <--click are not hard to make, you just have to pay attention. It's true. I paid attention yesterday and felt a surge of joy each time my stitch count came out correct! This one is the first of a pair of men's large clogs. It and it's mate will be a Christmas present for one of my big footed sons.
Mickey Mouse 1
In the last couple of days I also CO my first Rodentia <--click sock. I don't have enough done to know exactly how the color pattern will be. The yarn is from Knitivity and is a very nice soft yarn to work with. And don't forget, Ray will custom dye your yarns at no additional cost!

No progress on the glove for 2nd Son. Guess it's time to start disciplining myself and rotate my projects again. An hour on this, an hour on that and so on down the line. It's just hard to go back and forth between size 13 and size 2 needles! Talk about culture shock!

The weather has turned quite a bit. We've just passed our first 24 hour period without using the cooler or a fan. It's 50 degrees at 5:23 am and that's the coolest it's been in months. High for today is a nice cool 80 but tomorrow and the rest of the week it's back up to the low 90s. It's cool enough in the mornings that I'm wearing my felted clogs F made for me.

So, the plan for today is knit, knit, and then knit. Clogs, gloves, and maybe a bit of the sock!

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