Friday, October 5, 2007

October 5, 2007

Not much....
Not much.... magnify
My grand daughter goes to a Waldorf <--click based school. One of the things they teach in the Waldorf schools is knitting. My grand daughter is six, in first grade and has learned to knit. This is her first FO! It's a chick, made of a square of knitted material, folded, sewn and stuffed. Embroidery floss eyes and beak are added. I'm tickled!

I have not much to report in the way of knitting. I did work on the fulled slippers and CO my Rodentia sock. I want to get past the fiddly cuffs on both of them before we leave for Disneyland.

We also reserved our rental car for the trip. We don't have a credit card and I'd been told when I researched renting several months ago, that there was no way to rent a car without a credit card. 2nd Son was going to let us use his, but all the sudden he's gotten weird about it.

Long story short, Avis does rent cars to people with Debit Cards with a major credit card logo on it. They put a $300 or estimated amount of rental (which ever is greater) on the card and return what is not used up after the car is returned. So we have a car with a nice stereo system, AC, and a bit more room than our car has.
Although this isn't THE car, it's the size of the car-intermediate-we'll be renting. The only hurdle left is figuring out where the dog is going to stay. My son is supposed to stay here at the house while we're gone, and F said he stop by and check on the cats... But I'd just feel better if the dog was somewhere. The last time we had my son take care of her, she peed on the carpet at least twice because he ended up working overtime. Leaving her outside is not an option...she ate the door last time.
Which resulted in this metal plate on the door. Notice the lower left door jam, and above the door knob. It would be much worse if she were left out for a day. We'll figure something out. 2nd Son's girlfriend works at a boarding kennel.... although she wouldn't help me if I was bleeding out on the side of the road, she will do a favor for my daughter and really feels for animals. (You can see where I fall in her hierarchy of important living creatures.) :::heavy sigh:::

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